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Killed by a niger she had once tried to help

On April 27, 2015, Ana Isabel Charle was killed by a man she had once tried to help. West Spruill, who had been a resident at the homeless shelter Ana managed, approached her as she walked to her car. West ordered the mother of two to undress at gunpoint and then tried to rape her.…

Brave White man against 2 nigs! Look and read!

White man defending his girlfriend from 2 men, knocks out black aggressor. He is then charged with assault for knocking out the aggressor, but is found not guilty and will be able to seek restitution. If I were this white guy I’d consider breaking up with the woman. The type of woman who walks up…

It took 5 years for a White South African to receive “justice”!

South Africa: It took 5 years for a White South African to receive “justice” after being raped, stabbed and tortured by 2 niggers with a hot iron archive translated article regarding the crime (2015) Then this Pretoria man (62) that may face murder charges for defending and killing 1 of 3 bantu invaders that tried…

Two underage boys brutally tortured and raped at a Swedish cemetery

SWEDEN YES!!! Two underage boys who were brutally tortured and raped at a Swedish cemetery have described their horrific ordeal to police as new details of the incident have emerged. The incident took place earlier this year in August in the city of Solna and saw two migration-background men allegedly torture two underage boys in…

White child kidnap attempt by black scum!

White child kidnap attempt by black scum. Situational awareness is crucial! https://whitelives.net/site/wp-content/uploads/teleparse/1620419340/5805158628558112936.mp4  

Niger stabbing 2 elderly Asian women in Frisco

GRAPHIC: Here is video showing Patrick Thompson walking up to & stabbing 2 elderly Asian women in Market Street in San Francisco. The 85-year-old collapses to the ground. Thompson, who is black but was reported to be white, has a violent criminal history. This will become more common, they will start reporting more of these…

Shot dead by a black teen

On April 28, 2016, Susan Kay Daniel was working at a gas station in the early morning. A teenager named Shakim Saunders came in, fatally shot the 23-year-old wife and mother, and stole some money from the cash register.

Grand’Ma killed at 88

On May 3, 2009, Mabel Berry was killed in her home. Mabel was spending the later years of her life working as a volunteer at a rescue mission. Tiffany Wise was a resident and worker at the mission who attended Mabel’s Bible study classes. She came to the widow’s home to rob her, and beat…

Once more!

On May 2, 2015, Charles Worthington was found dead in his home. Jacorroyn Wilson was trying to steal the 58-year-old’s vehicle; according to the victim’s sister, “When Chuck walked out and caught him,” Jacorroyn beat him to death with a garden shovel. “It was a beating beyond the point of repair, so that we couldn’t…

He beat, strangled, drugged, raped, and tied the 18-yo girl to his bed for the night

On May 5, 2004, Jessica Lee Faulkner was found dead in a dorm room. Curtis Dixon had an end-of-school party the previous night with Jessica and several other students. After the party, Curtis told Jessica he had a gift for her. But once they were alone, he beat, strangled, drugged, raped, and tied the 18-year-old…

Once more!

On May 4, 2019, Meaghan Elizabeth Burns was shot by someone else’s ex-boyfriend. Meaghan was trying to help a friend who was in the process of breaking up with Donavon Moora. When the two young women met with Donavon to return some of his belongings, he killed 23-year-old Meaghan, her 19-year-old friend, and himself.

Guessed who killed the other one?

On May 6, 2002, Julie Rochelle Jacks was killed in the line of duty. A college student named Isaac Jones was undergoing a mental health evaluation when he ran away in his underwear. He encountered Julie, who was working on a traffic accident near the hospital, knocked her down, took her gun, and shot the…

Killed on a fishing trip

On May 7, 2014, Kye Matthew Boudreaux was killed on a fishing trip. Kye brought his friend Detrell Scott along with him to his family’s camp by the river, where Detrell shot him in the head with his own gun. Kye’s boat was discovered abandoned in the water and his truck was found in a…

Horrific farm murder in Nelspruit

Horrific farm murder in Nelspruit Annemarie Botha (64) and her mentally disabled son, Ruan (30), were brutally murdered on a farm outside of Nelspruit, Mpumalanga Annemarie’s husband returned to the farm house after patrolling to find the house plundered and the bodies of his wife and son in the living room. The attackers cut their…

Asians have begun setting up groups to defend their people from the blacks

Young Asians have begun setting up groups to defend their people from the blacks who have been beating and robbing them. It is about time that the white youth do the same. @TheWesternChauvinist. https://whitelives.net/site/wp-content/uploads/teleparse/1620419427/4947620347227670224.mp4  

She was taking a walk when a stranger approached and…

On April 30, 2016, Jeanne Lyn Huntoon was taking a walk when a stranger approached. Marcus Bivins spoke with Jeanne for a few minutes and “tried to befriend” the 34-year-old before he pulled out a knife, stabbed her and beat her to death. Then he dragged her body along the sidewalk to some nearby bushes.

Stabbed to death at college.

On May 1, 2017, Harrison Irwin Brown was stabbed to death at college. Kendrex White, armed with a Bowie knife, attacked Harrison and three other randomly-selected students before being taken into police custody. As Harrison lay bleeding to death from a chest wound, the 19-year-old handed his phone to a passerby so that she could…

Killed in his taxicab by 3 black teenagers

On April 29, 2014, Blake Joseph Helmer was killed in his taxicab. Three teenagers named Jonah Brown, Ivory Warren, and Tavon Corley called for a ride. Jonah and Ivory got in the cab and tried to rob Blake, but ended up shooting him several times and fleeing.